Who We Are
photo: adam weidenbach


Neighbors in Martinez discuss protecting a place nextdoor. JMLT is incorporated as The Martinez Regional Land Trust. Success! The 150-acre Stonehurst property is saved.
Mt Wanda, named for Muir’s daughter, and its surrounding 325 acres are added to the John Muir National Historic Site.
Four acres of community gardens are established in Martinez. Local elementary students acquire green thumbs!
Sky Ranch. Many historic trails converge on its 247 acres. It is named Sky because, well, you feel like you’re on top of it all.
Restoration begins at Pacheco Marsh. The scars of 100+ years of industrial activity begin to disappear.
Gustin Ranch. On the verge of being subdivided for development, visitors to these 80 acres now divide their time taking in its gorgeous views. Also, JMLT protects one of the last-known stands of Contra Costa Goldfields, an endangered wildflower.
Dream-like woodlands and trails become a beloved community treasure at Bodfish Preserve.
Dutra Ranch. When walking the historic Dutra Loop Trail it is fun to imagine how the land was used in the late 1800’s.
Fernandez Ranch. These first 702 acres offer stunning views of San Francisco Bay.
Franklin Canyon. Now merged into Fernandez Ranch, protecting these 483 acres was made possible by local citizen activists. Also Acalanes Ridge is saved. People who love Mount Diablo discover a new favorite place for viewing it.
West Hills Farm. This 44-acre former fruit farm is aquired, soon to be another addition to the John Muir National Historic Site.
Carr Ranch. Its pristine 604 acres provide clean drinking water to tens of thousands and essential habitat for endangered and threatened wildlife.
“Batwing” is acquired, soon to be a delightful 20-acre neighborhood park in Lafayette. High hopes that Painted Rock and Almond Ranch will be added to this list.